Since I released Fidgetr I’ve put up two small bugfix/feature enhancement releases. In no particular order:

  • You can now use Flickr username or email to obtain your photostream. Previously only Flickr username was allowed.

  • Substantial improvements to look and feel of the widget control in wp-admin. This should help reduce confusion.

  • Several optimizations to reduce DB writes and queries to the Flickr API

  • Reworked how the themes loop through the JSON object to avoid a bug with “undefined” entries when prototype is declared on the page.

Additionally, I’ve started some restructuring for the next release, which will include i18n support, more speed, and tweaks to almost all the themes. As always, you can see the latest on the Fidgetr page or you can visit its homepage.

Of course, work on this is going a bit more slowly than it would normally because I have another plugin in development, but that’s another blog entry…