I am pleased to announce the initial public release of CDN Tools, my latest Wordpress plugin!

What is CDN Tools?

Well, it’s a Wordpress plugin that lets you load javascript files and your blog’s media (pictures, movies, audio, et cetera) to a content distribution network (CDN) to speed up page loading. You can load up all your javascript and media with a single click and then your media will be automatically sideloaded to the CDN after that. The plugin will operate totally transparently.

Do I need a CDN account?

No! You can offload prototype and jQuery to Google’s servers with this tool with just a single click. These are large libraries so moving them to Google’s bandwidth is very useful!

What if I want to remove it?

Simply deactivate the plugin and everything will revert to normal. Since CDN Tools only temporarily rewrites the URLs of your uploads, nothing is lost if you choose to stop using it.

If you’ve got a Wordpress blog why not give it a shot? Download today! You can also check the version history and get more information at the plugin’s homepage.