A few random shortcuts I use on a daily basis…1

  • You can specify a unix path with the go to folder command in Finder? ⌘-⇧-G

  • Using ⌘-1 through 9 in Safari will take you to your Bookmarks Bar bookmarks. Folders will be ignored in the numbering

  • If you’re in a file selection dialog you can use ⌘-D to go to Desktop. Similarly ⌘-⇧-A works for Applications, ⌘-⇧-C for computer view, ⌘-⇧-H for home, and ⌘-⇧-I for idisk (automounts)

  • If you have a save/don’t save dialog up you can select don’t save with ⌘-D

  • ⌘-click on a window’s title bar (in Finder, Safari, and other apps) to see a hierarchical menu

  • Drag/drop the icon in the title bar of document windows in nearly any application to perform drag/drop operations. For example, you can drag a Word/Excel doc to Mail.app or Entourage to immediately open a new email with that doc attached.

  • Hold ⌥ and drag a file in the Finder to copy it to a new location.

  • Hold ⌥-⌘ and drag a file in the Finder to create an alias at the new location.

  • In cocoa applications you can use emacs shortcuts.

  • When browsing lists in the Finder type the first few letters of the file you’re going to and it will immediately scroll to the first occurrence of the characters alphabetically.

  1. For the shortcuts ⌘ means command (also known as the apple key), ⇧ means shift, and ⌥ means option