Having realized that I haven’t looked at WordPress theme development in nearly a year, I decided to search around and ended up switching over to Mystique. The theme offers a wealth of features and even obsoletes some plugins and widgets I was previously using. I’m not sure if I’ll stick with it long-term but it’s certainly a very polished product. Fidgetr may need a few upgrades to keep up with the times… Let me know in the comments if you spot anything broken!

I’ve put quite a few custom CSS tweaks in already, some of which I’ve listed below. Others who use the Mystique theme may find these changes helpful.

  1. To hide the websnapr feature add “.webshot{display:none !important;}” to the user CSS section.

  2. Fidgetr’s comment display depends on sidebar overflow so I added “#sidebar {overflow:visible;}” as well. Secondary sidebar overflow would need #sidebar2