I have returned from my trip to Costa Rica! Typically I don’t write about my personal experiences on this blog, but I’ve decided to try a photo journal style entry this time. Don’t worry, your regular nerd posts will resume shortly. As always, click the photo to go to the Flickr page. From there you can view any photo in much larger sizes. Be sure to view the set in its entirety as well.

Sunday, January 24

This bird was sitting near the patio of my hotel room in the morning

A boy picks something out of the water at sunset on the beach

Monday, January 25

Barbed wire coiled on a trail 3km from Arenal Volcano

The skeleton of a leaf impaled on a broken post

Tuesday, January 26

An early morning finds a mother monkey and her child running across the branches

The mast of a catamaran juts up towards the waxing moon

Night falls on the beach near Tamarindo

Wednesday, January 27

A bird rests on a downed palm. Seen from a small boat down a river in Palo Verde National Park

A crocodile suns itself near the bank.

Birds liked to stay hidden within the dense trees lining the water.

To see more from each day (31 total) view the entire set.