As of r39934 Chromium now supports the server_name TLS extension (server name indication) in OS X (latest build). This support requires OS X 10.5.7 or later. Hopefully it’ll make its way into a dev/beta/stable release of Google Chrome itself soon.

For those who are more curious than they ought to be about how I wrote this patch… Apple added support in their Secure Transport library for the server_name TLS extension, but has not updated their documentation. As of 10.5.7 (or possibly 10.5.6) the SSLSetPeerDomainName function – which is ostensibly used for OS level certificate verification – causes OS X to send the server_name extension in the TLS client hello. However, since Chromium doesn’t use OS X’s built-in verification it wasn’t passing this data through prior to the patch.

To test you can hit up my IDN SNI site https://☣.ws/ or The former will throw a certificate error if you are on a non-SNI enabled browser and the latter will have text stating that the SNI extension is missing.