AvianSafari is discontinued

I’m extremely proud to announce AvianSafari, a browser bar based Twitter client for Safari. You should check it out right now and then come back and read about it. I can wait.

Okay, now that you’ve got it installed we can move on. AvianSafari supports the following:

  • Home Timeline

  • Mentions

  • Sent Direct Messages

  • Received Direct Messages

  • Tweet Pagination (Scroll Wheel or Arrow Buttons)

  • Unread Tracking

  • Search

  • Trends

  • Native Retweet

  • Reply

  • Tweeting

  • Delete Tweets

  • Sending Direct Messages

  • URL Shortening (TinyURL, TinyVH, bit.ly, j.mp, is.gd)

  • Authenticated URL shortening for bit.ly / j.mp

  • Variable Update Interval

  • Controllable Link Behavior (new tab, current tab, tab position, et cetera)

  • Conversation threads

  • Linking @mentions and URLs

  • Much, much more!

For communication with Twitter I created AvianLib, an OAuth/Twitter library written in Javascript. I’ll be putting AvianLib up as a separate project on Github in the near future so others can consume it. If you’d like to take a look at AvianSafari’s source code or provide feedback head on over!

AvianSafari Product Page

Big thanks to Brian Kim (icons), Matt Pennig (general JS guru), and Clay Benson (website).