Apple approved Batter’s Box 1.3 last night. The biggest single change is that the iPhone details view now has all the same graphics as the iPad version. Here’s a screenshot:

You can also see more screenshots here.

Complete Changelog

  • iPhone now has the same view as the iPad on the detail page. Including weather, day/night, and fireworks.

  • iPhone now shows tv/radio station information prior to game when you tap a game.

  • Preview link now shows on the game list for each game before first pitch

  • Last play always shows for in progress games on iPad (+some animations)

  • Walks are now properly recognized as the end of an at bat (probably still have bugs with wild pitch reach base or other obscure situations)

  • Fix rain animation so it triggers properly when a rain delay occurs (iPad)

  • Preview link text no longer gets truncated

  • Animate batter when switching between L/R hitters

  • Handle “Dome” weather condition

  • Fix case where AT&T; Park was rendered as AT&T Park

  • Nicer loading spinner for highlights view

  • The data webview on the game details page now maintains scroll position across reloads

  • Reload timers now disable when you leave the app and re-enable when you foreground it. Any loads in progress is canceled when going to background.

  • Better handling of long idle times in the background

  • Reworked underlying logic for games view controller. The 3 game cell layouts are now separate prototypes and classes now to improve code readability

I’ll be submitting 1.4 to Apple shortly with another batch of new features (and a few bug fixes for small visual issues that are present in the 1.3 build). Enjoy!