Some new features, significant performance improvements, and some (rare) crash fixes.

  • Optimized data load to reduce data used and speed up load times over 3G connections

  • Reorder batting stats to match typical box score order

  • Handle “drizzle” with a very light rain and brighter clouds

  • Update pitch popup to have MPH label for pitch speed

  • Center labels above player images on iPad

  • Fixed some other small UI bugs

  • Pitches that are missing accurate pitch location data now appear as “Data Missing” pitches with a rough approximation of location

  • Landscape view is now supported in addition to portrait for highlight videos on iPhone

  • Potentially resolved rare crash when watching multiple highlights

  • Fix crash when tapping highlights table before highlights have loaded

  • Fix rare crash when backgrounding app while watching a highlight on iPad

  • Fix case where you could rapidly tap and then swipe on the games view to show a partial set of details on iPad

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