I just tagged v0.8 of r509 and v0.3 of r509-ocsp-responder. Here’s what’s new!


  • Refactor R509::Validity to support a new #is_available? method

  • Serial randomization improvements in CertificateAuthority::Signer

  • Better documentation

  • Added ::load_from_file static method to more objects

  • r509-parse binary for quick parsing (alpha, will be improved)


  • Updated the /status endpoint to make it simpler to replace the redis backend with an alternate R509::Validity implementation

  • Print config on startup

  • Support reloading and printing of config to logs via kill -USR2 signal

  • Statistics collection now supported via r509-ocsp-stats

  • New code path for ~100x faster config lookups (this will not be used until at least Ruby 2.0. I have a pending patch that needs to land in trunk and eventually get released)

  • Changed default log levels

  • Switch to using hiredis for redis lookups (if you’re using the redis backend)

r509-validity-redis was also updated to work with the latest OCSP responder release if you’re using the redis backend.