As promised, Fidgetr 1.0 has been released. Here are the improvements since the last time I posted about it:

  • Incremented version to 1.0 to catch users stuck at versions earlier than 0.6.1. Welcome back to the cutting edge!

  • Reworked the crossfade theme JS to fix some bugs and dramatically simplify the code.

  • Photoset support! Display your latest photos or photos from a photoset.

  • Removed requirement for allow_url_fopen. Fidgetr now tries to use the cURL libraries first.

  • Added an AJAX check to warn the user if their Flickr username/email is invalid.

  • Added some advanced CSS in the default theme (visible in Safari 4 only)

  • Fixed a quote issue with fetching comments, thanks lupinehorror!

  • Preliminary i18n support

  • Better compatibility

  • Quite a few minor fixes not listed.

Check out the Fidgetr homepage to download it. Next up on the block, a major update to CDN Tools…