Around a year ago I finally decided to start a blog. Since then I’ve changed the domain, name, written over 60 posts about various things, and released two WordPress plugins. I had no defined goals when I started…and I still don’t! So in the spirit of my random posting, here are some stats about traffic growth and download numbers for my plugins. Let the navel gazing commence.

Random Traffic Statistics

The site has grown from an average of under 100 visits a week to well over 1500 now. Much of that growth has been driven by the release of Fidgetr and CDN Tools, my WordPress plugins (more on them later). However, the single most popular post I’ve written so far was the fix for GrowlMail in 10.6.2. Google indexed it quickly and it became the #1 search result for people attempting to fix their Mail plugin incompatibilities. Other popular articles include items about VMware and OpenSSL UCC/SAN certificates.

Plugin Statistics

Fidgetr has seen almost 9000 downloads since its initial release at the end of January. In that time it has dramatically improved, but I still welcome feature suggestions and patches (and new themes!). Would Picasa support be a useful addition?

CDN Tools has had over 2000 downloads since the end of February. Due to how deeply it hooks into WP I had to make significant changes for WP 2.8 as well as utilize several new hooks for WP 2.9 support. There is still quite a ways to go before I’m happy with this plugin, but I’m pleased that so many people are using it on their blogs.

With these two plugins I am currently the 605th ranked WP plugin dev (by downloads) according to w-shadow. Top 500 here I come!