7/20/2010 Update - Google has released a significant images update that breaks lightboxer. I’ll look into this and fix it within the next week or so.

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Google Lightboxer1 is a Safari 5 extension that creates a Lightbox2 slideshow on Google Images. Click any image and a slideshow will appear loading the full resolution images. If you don’t want to have the lightbox appear, hold command and it will be disabled temporarily.

To install:

Latest Release - v1.3

  • Pulls the Google Images metadata into the colorbox so you can see it while you’re browsing more easily.

Known issues:

  • Some JS errors in console. Will be resolved in future release, but they are cosmetic only.

You can view the source on GitHub as well! If you have suggestions for improvements let me know! Bug reports should be directed to the issues page.

  1. Icon courtesy of Brian Kim

  2. Actually it’s done using Colorbox 

  3. If you haven’t enabled extensions in Safari then learn how