Another update to my iOS app Batter’s Box!


  • You can now pick up to 3 favorite teams

  • Delayed/postponed games look nicer in the list now (fixes regression from 1.3)

  • Balls/strikes/outs are now more up to date on the game details view

  • Animation now properly restarts on iPhone

  • Last play now visible on iPhone on game details to provide additional context

  • Last play now fades in after first play (rather than showing an empty box)

  • Switch hitters now show opposite the pitcher’s throwing arm

  • Fix case where weather animation would stop after leaving and re-entering the app on iPhone

  • Fixed recap links on iPhone

  • Replaced day/night backgrounds for iPad with PNGs to stop some banding issues (mostly visible during day/night transitions)

  • Miscellaneous small UI fixes (mostly on iPhone)