After an interesting approval process, 1.6 is now available. There is no 1.5! Grab it now!


  • Strikes now have a black gradient outline while balls are white in the pitch-by-pitch

  • Pitch speed is now shown at the point of release rather than when it crosses home plate (matches convention)

  • Support 4 new pitch types

  • Pitch popup now shows the count for each pitch in the at bat

  • Score notifications can now be tapped to take you directly to the game detail

  • Added stolen base data to the batting stats view for the game

  • Handle hit by pitch end of atbat

  • Fixed atbat/ondeck/inhole so it actually shows the player’s hits properly

  • Doubleheaders now show up as “Game 2” for game time, rather than extremely early in the morning

  • Various small layout improvements and table striping across more stats tables

  • Fix case where “delayed start” due to rain would not make it rain

  • Add gradient to mugshots, make mask apply properly when game is postponed

  • Handle “inclement weather” postponement with heavy rain effect

  • When game is postponed before start time, show “postponed” in details view rather than the time

  • New graphic when pitcher or batter details fail to load or are not yet available

  • Large scale rewrite of underlying XML parser and various other subsystems

  • Other code changes that are not user visible