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Fish in a Barrel (@LazyFishBarrel) is committed to ending the scourge of memory unsafety. It’s a well-known fact in the security engineering community that branded vulnerabilities are a key contributor to security. However, for too long, people who play defense have suffered from a dearth of quality signage. As part of our efforts, we set out to correct that.

Fish in a Barrel has considerately commissioned six compositions cunningly crafted to remind both you and the people you are socially distancing with of the importance of memory safety. As with all great art, these posters (and stickers!) enthusiastically ape the NSA’s own declassified security posters.

Help spur foundational change in your software engineering organization and the broader world by plastering your home, your possessions, and perhaps one day your office with our incredible art.

All products are sold at cost, because outside of memory unsafety the thing we hate most is effort. After all, we’re just shooting fish in a barrel.

Don’t delay, buy today! We may or may not add new designs over time, no promises.

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